The XPertBilling WebCare v3

Customer XPertBilling Webcare Billing Architecture

XPertBilling® v3 is a powerful customer care & billing engine.

The different web-tools ( Web-care, Web-analytic ..) are linked, in a very secure way, to the XPertBilling® Db , therefore the data presented is always up-to- date and performance are at the top. 

Our Architecture permits the generation of blazing fast and 100% accurate PDF & CSV reports.

Users can set-up their own specific analytics codes to have a real multi-dimensional report generating tool at its disposal.

Our architecture has been studied to bring the maximal performance & scalability to our web platform.

Written entirely using responsive Bootstrap standards, our applications servers can deserve thousand of simultaneous users using mobiles or desktop connexions.

All the communications between the end user and the web applications servers are done in SSL.

The application servers communicates with strong authentications with an encrypted webservice channel to access XPertBilling v3 databases.

Our overall infrastructure has an overal bandwith of 1.5Gbps, protected against Denial Of Services attacks (DoS) and with load-balancing IP's operated by a CISCO ACE.

20 days of full server backups are archived in our infrastructure using Veeam software.


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Latest news

25 Jul 2017

The customer of XPertBilling software have now the option for a full secure and reliable backup service of their XPertBiling database.

This service includes a client software running as a service on Windows / Windows Server, a secured storage space in a ISO 27001 secured hosting environment,
a daily test / restore of the database, 15 days of history and daily reporting by email.

30 Jun 2017

We are very please to announce, in collaboration of Orange, the availability of the new XPertBilling WebCare Business Analytics and Reporting tool.

This is an add-on of the existing WebCare solution that enables the generation of detailed reports about subscribers, groups of subscribers, companies and services.
The tool displays on the web or generates PDF files in few seconds for hundred of thousands of subscribers.

15 Jan 2017

A Web department dedicated to XPertBilling

All our Web and Mobile developments will now be concentrated in our new Web & Mobile department.

This includes the XPertBilling WebCare, the XPertBIlling Web Services, Web Analytics Tools and mobile applications.

This specialized department is born from a ten years strong partnership with a well-known company in Belgium,
GDS M&C who is doing custom software development since 1999.